No matter it is a novice or a regular customer who has been customized for many times, it will take some effort to select the fabric. Even after careful selection and determination, there are always some uncertainties. Here are the main reasons:

First, it is difficult to imagine the overall effect of the garment through the palm-sized fabric block;

The second reason is that different fabric weaving methods and various parameters often bring different texture of garments.

In order to solve the problem of choosing fabric, today's article will explain the details you need to pay attention to when choosing fabric. A little understanding can be used as a small trick.

Fabric gram weight influence

Number of label in fabrics on, may not mark the fabric yarn weave, but must be marked with its g, from the practical application, gram than yarn weave can play a more "qualitative" of a fabric, the qualitative is wearing seasons, different gram weight which season clothes do direct reaction is used for, so need to let the guest know more.What does that gram mean?Strictly speaking, it refers to the weight of one meter of fabric, which directly determines the amount of wool and thus affects the warmth. If you understand it in a more general way, you can take it as the thickness of the fabric. The higher the gram of worsted fabric, the thicker the fabric, and the lower the gram, the thinner the fabric.

Fabrics of a lot of big shop sign copies of copies of the whole fabric of g is the same, there are a few will have different gram of binding together, but basically will not come out in the summer and winter fabric binding to a book, so we choose the fabric, your first arrival page, see the fabric number the gram weight on the label information, tend to be a connoisseur.

At this time certain meeting somebody wants to ask, what season does different gram weight correspond, difference big?That's a big difference!

1. Spring/Summer

The gram weight range is in 200 grams ~250 grams or so (I have seen the suit fabric with lowest gram weight is 160 grams, but normally 180 grams is less below), basically count as spring/summer fabrics. Like this kind of light and thin fabric, in sunny places, looking at the sun, will be a little transparent, but wearing on the body will not penetrate. This kind of fabric has good air permeability and fast heat dissipation, but it is relatively short of straightness, with a relatively low degree of formality and poor anti-wrinkle performance (a few of them will improve the anti-wrinkle performance after some special finishing). The picture below is 240 grams for spring/summer.

Below is a 240g TR suit fabric

2. Four seasons

Gram weight range is in 260 grams ~290 grams or so, basically count as fabrics of four seasons.As the name implies, the four seasons fabric refers to its thickness is moderate, is suitable for wearing all the year round, suit with a finished product, we usually see kind of fabric is the most common of the four seasons, in most cases, the four seasons with the drape of fabric is the best, neither light nor stiff, so the four seasons with the fabric is the most suitable for formal suit fabrics.

Below is a 270g TR suit fabric

3. Autumn/winter

The gram weight range exceeds 290 grams and basically counts as autumn and winter fabrics.A few people are used to the west pants fabric that is in winter adds long Johns, but the meeting after raising static electricity lets pants craggy suck on the leg, the autumn/winter fabric that this kind of circumstance chooses high weight can alleviate a problem to a great extent, and promote warmth function obviously.The characteristics of high weight fabrics can be summarized as: stiff, not easy to deformation, wrinkle resistance, easy to handle, high warmth.

The below shows a 300-gram TR suit fabric    

If you are a typical business people, five days a week all year round will wear a suit, the knowledge is a must to know, all the year round temperature according to their own city, to determine the suit each prepare several sets of different season is reasonable, different season clothes separately, the embodiment of the good taste through the wardrobe is high, but wearing feeling obvious improvement.

 How to choose the color and texture?

The color and texture of the fabric are the most likely to cause a headache when choosing the fabric. What should I do if I can't choose it?Let's first analyze what effect different colors and lines will have on the overall dressing collocation, and then adapt to which dressing occasions respectively. After the analysis, we may have an idea.

The depth of the fabric directly determines the degree of formality of the occasion. The darker the more formal, the lighter the more relaxed. In other words, if suits are only worn for work and some formal occasions, lighter fabrics can be completely ruled out.In the whole collocation process, there is a point that cannot be ignored is to match leather shoes. The darker the color of the suit, the easier it is to buy the leather shoes with appropriate collocation. The lighter the color of the suit, the more difficult it is to match leather shoes.

The vast majority of people wear suit is formal circumstance to wear, say from the choice on color, cannot escape black, gray, blue these 3 kinds of color, often need to come up from different grain at this time have distinction, reveal individual character.

 1. Bright striped fabric

Striped suit is often appear in the business occasions, or is not suitable for some partial academic and government affairs on formal occasions, the fringe spacing narrower pinstripe will not be too high, but unapt too ordinary, is a good choice for most people, the more wide stripe aura, daily work, the boss will often wear wide stripes, if you are a newcomer, workplace was temporarily don't consider the wide stripe.

TR suit fabric with bright stripes

2. Plaid fabric

Dark stripes and dark plies are becoming more and more popular because people want to wear something that suits their work environment and doesn't look like everyone else, but it's not too obvious. At this time, you can't see it from a distance, but you can see it in detail nearby.In all sorts of dark grain, herringbone grain dark grain is the most appear mature, sedate, that is to say, those who want to wear young bit can be ruled out, the grain of the number of light and shade on a few luster, often more easily appear young and fashionable.

Grid TR suit fabric

 3. Herringbone fabric

Herringbone grain (also known as fishbone grain) is generally not obvious, if people stand 2 meters away from the general can not be seen.

So it's safe for people who don't want to be too dressy, but can't exaggerate.

The neglected weaving method

Fabric characteristics of the different weave fabrics have differences, some good luster, although some didn't gloss wrinkle resistance is better, some weave elastic better, when we know how these different texture, which is more clear piece of fabric is more suitable for themselves, and the relative key knowledge points, are often ignored by most people.

 1. Twill weave

This is one of the biggest selling suit fabric weaving methods. The overall performance is stable, without obvious disadvantage, but also without obvious bright spot. Relatively speaking, if the fabric yarn is high, it is easier to appear glossy and droopy.The above illustration shows a solid color fabric, which is also used in most of our common stripes and plaid patterns.

 2. Plain weave

Flat weave feels rough and stiff, so it has better wrinkle resistance than twill, and is easier to iron and handle than twill, but the biggest difference is that it has no luster. Some customers like matte fabrics, so this weave method is a better choice.

 3. Bird's eye weaving

Bird 's-eye weave is our is recommended as a daily suit a weave, in addition to burnish feeling, almost all the remaining properties are relatively good, whether wrinkle resistance, resilience, hang down feeling or manageable level, our own experience of the long time wearing, found that the same dress number, bird 's-eye weave are less likely to show the old.

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Post time: Aug-04-2021