Doube-side microsand cotton touch Sports leggings fabric

Doube-side microsand cotton touch Sports leggings fabric

Yoga is now the most popular fitness exercise for urban women, so yoga clothes will inevitably become the leading category in the fabric and clothing industry.

Today we will introduce a new item suit for make yoga wear.

  • Item: YAT002
  • Yarn Count: 100D
  • Content: 78%Polyester +22% Spandex
  • Feature: Blackout, stain Resistant, Stretch
  • Weight: 230gsm
  • Width : 57”58”
  • Thickness: light weight
  • MOQ: 400kgs/color

product description:

Core selling points

1.Made by polyester with moisture wicking function.

Even in autumn and winter, many yoga people sweat a lot when doing yoga. On the one hand, your exercise volume may reach the limit, on the other hand, it may be caused by individual differences such as sweat glands and body fluids. Therefore, yoga clothes must choose fast drying fabrics. This item use polyester fiber with the moisture wicking function solves this problem to the greatest extent

2.High spandex content

Yoga clothes should be "light" and comfortable. Yoga can help people practice light posture, such as the classic yoga dance king style and standing bow style. While beautifying the body curve, it gives people a visual aesthetic enjoyment of being as light as a swallow and as graceful as flying.

At this time, loose and heavy yoga clothes are not suitable. What people need is a yoga clothes that can be integrated with themselves, that is, a yoga clothes with air like "light" texture, 22%Spandex content ensure that the fabric fits the human body to the greatest extent.

3.cotton touch

Cotton fabric handfeel better but it easy to deform,this fabric made by polyester but the fabric handfeel similar like the cotton,then the fabric retains these two advantages.

wool fabric
wool fabric