Most of the good-looking clothes are inseparable from high-quality fabrics. A good fabric is undoubtedly the biggest selling point of the clothes. Not only fashion, but also popular, warm and easy-to-maintain fabrics will win the hearts of the people.

1.Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is polyester, which has excellent elasticity and recovery. The fabric is crisp, wrinkle-free, elastic, durable and has excellent light resistance, but it is prone to static electricity and pilling, and has poor dust and moisture absorption. Polyester fiber fabric is a "routine meal" in our daily clothes. It often appears in some relatively crisp ready-made clothes, such as skirts and suit jackets

Eco-friendly 50% Polyester 50% bamboo fabric
70%Polyester 27%Rayon 3%Spandex Trouser Fabric
Waterproof 65 Polyester 35 Cotton Fabric For Workwear

2.Spandex fabric

Spandex fabric has excellent elasticity, it is also called elastic fiber, also called Lycra. The fabric has good elasticity and smooth hand feeling, but has low hygroscopicity and poor heat resistance.

Spandex has a variety of properties and is a widely used clothing material. It has the property of stretch resistance, so it is not difficult for partners who like to do sports to know it, but the bottoming shirts and leggings we often wear... all have its ingredients.

Polyester Rayon Spandex Twill Stretch Woven Women Wear Fabric
Breathable Quick Dry 74 Nylon 26 Spandex Knitted Yoga Fabric YA0163


Acetate is a man-made fiber made from cellulose or wood pulp, and its fabric is very textured, close to real silk fabric. It is synonymous with good resilience and natural environmental protection. It has strong moisture absorption, is not easy to generate static electricity and hair balls, but has poor air permeability. We can often see some urban white-collar workers wearing satin shirts, which are made of acetate fibers.

Acetate fabric
Acetate fabric
acetate fabric1

4.Polar fleece

Polar fleece is a "resident guest", and the clothes made of it are popular fashion items in winter. Polar fleece is a kind of knitted fabric. It feels soft, thick and wear-resistant, and has strong thermal performance. It is mainly used as a fabric for winter clothing.

5.French terry

Terry cloth is the most common fabric, and it is indispensable for all-match sweaters. Terry cloth is a variety of knitted fabrics, divided into single-sided terry and double-sided terry. It feels soft and thick, and has strong warmth retention and moisture absorption.

polar fleece fabric
Polar Fleece Fabric 100% Polyester Anti-pilling macrobead
polar fleece fabric

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