bamboo fiber fabric

Bamboo fiber fabric is our hot sale product due to its' anti wrinkle,breathable and so on features.Our customers alway use it for shirts,and white and light blue these two colors are most popular.

Bamboo fiber is a natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic fiber, thin, hygroscopic and permeable, smooth and soft, as well as UV resistant. Bamboo fiber can be mixed with cotton, hemp, silk, wool, tencel, modal, polyester, spandex. Bamboo fiber materials can be applied to men's and women's clothing, medical clothing, children's clothing, underwear.

Nature and Anti-bacteria
bamboo fiber fabric


Bamboo fiber has a special natural antibacterial function. This confirmed by the Japan Textile Association industry that even after fifty washes Bamboo fiber fabric still has excellent antibacterial properties.

Green and Biodegradable
bamboo fiber fabric

Bamboo fiber is made from bamboo using a high-tech process. Besides, bamboo fiber is biodegradable textile material. Like natural cellulose fiber, it can be completely biodegradable in soil by microorganisms and sunlight light. The decomposition process does not cause any environmental pollution.

Breathable and Cool

bamboo fiber fabric

Bamboo fiber boasts breathability and cooling effect. According to authoritative test data, clothing made from bamboo fibers in hot summers are 1-2 degrees lower ordinary.

If you are interested in bamboo fiber fabric,you can contact us for more information,and we can provide free sample for you.We are specilized in fabric with more than 10 years,not only bamboo fiber fabric,but also polyester rayon fabric,wool fabric,polyester cotton fabric and so on.Also,we make fabric processing,like dirt protection,antibacterial, anti-pilling,against creasing and so on.

On order, we can dye the fabric in any color you need according to the Pantone palette or according to your color sample. It is possible to develop a new article according to your sample.And for MOQ,MOQ for fabric from stock: from 100m/color, 3000m/order.MOQ for custom fabric: from 1000-2000m/color, 3000m/order.Welcome to contact us!

Post time: Feb-10-2023