Pantone released the 2023 spring and summer fashion colors. From the report, we see a gentle force forward, and the world is steadily returning from chaos to order. The colors for Spring/Summer 2023 are retuned for the new era we are entering.

Bright and vivid colors bring more vitality and make people feel extra comfortable.

Color card

01.PANTONE 18-1664

Fiery Red

The name is Fiery Red, which is actually what everyone calls red. This red is quite saturated. In this spring and summer show, most brands also have this popular color. This bright color is more suitable for spring, such as jackets. Products or knitted items are very suitable, and spring is not so hot, and the temperature is more suitable.

02.PANTONE 18-2143

Beetroot Purple

The boldest of the pops, it's reminiscent of the iconic Barbie pink with the same dreamy vibe. This kind of pink with a pink-purple hue is like a blooming garden, and women who like pink-purple hues exude mysterious appeal and complement each other with femininity.

03.PANTONE 15-1335


The warm color system is as hot as the sun, and it emits a warm and non-glare light, which is the unique feeling of this grapefruit color. It is less aggressive and enthusiastic than red, more cheerful than yellow, dynamic and lively. As long as a small patch of grapefruit color appears on your body, it is difficult not to be attracted.

04.PANTONE 15-1530

Peach Pink

Peach pink is very light, sweet but not greasy. When used in spring and summer clothes, it happens to be able to wear a light and beautiful feeling, and it will never be vulgar. Peach pink is used on the soft and smooth fabric of silk, which happens to reflect a low-key luxury atmosphere, and is a classic color worthy of repeated scrutiny.

05.PANTONE 14-0756

Empire Yellow

Empire yellow is rich, it is like the breath of life in spring, the warm sunshine and warm wind in summer, it is a very vibrant color. Compared with bright yellow, empire yellow has a darker tone and is more stable and majestic. Even if the elderly wear it, it can show vitality without losing elegance.

06.PANTONE 12-1708

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose is a color that will make people feel infinitely comfortable and relaxing. This kind of light pink tone is not age-selective, it is a combination of women and girls, composing a romantic spring and summer song, even if the whole body is uniform, it will never be abrupt.

07.PANTONE 16-6340

Classic Green

The classic green, which contains natural energy, nourishes our life and also decorates the scenery in our eyes. It is pleasing to the eye when used on any single product.

08.PANTONE 13-0443

Love Bird
The lovebird green also incorporates a soft, creamy texture that looks fluid and silky. It feels like its romantic name, with romance and tenderness in it. When you wear this color, your heart is always full of beautiful reverie.
09.PANTONE 16-4036
Blue Perennial

Blue Perennial is the color of wisdom. It lacks the lively and lively atmosphere, and has more rational and calm qualities, just like the quiet world in the deep sea. It is very suitable for creating an intellectual atmosphere and appearing in formal occasions, but at the same time, its empty, quiet, and elegant feeling is also suitable for wearing in a relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

10.PANTONE 14-4316

Summer Song

Summer Song are a must in summer, and the summer song blue that reminds people of the ocean and sky is definitely an indispensable highlight in the summer of 2023. This kind of blue is used in many shows, indicating that a new star color is about to be born.

2023 spring and summer fashion color

Post time: Apr-08-2023