purple fine 100% natural pure wool cashmere fabric W18003

purple fine 100% natural pure wool cashmere fabric W18003

100% wool, feel soft and elastic, the body is crisp, not flat, not rotten.Fat light sense, pure color, natural and soft luster. The surface is smooth and smooth, the texture is delicate and delicate, the grain is clear, and the drape feeling is good.It is full, fluffy or dense in texture, warm and rich in feel. Pure wool fabric with hand grip, grasp pinch after loosening basically no wrinkle, slight crease can also be removed in a short time, quickly restore leveling.

product Details:

  • Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
  • MOQ: One roll one color
  • Weight: 300GM
  • Width: 57/58”
  • Spe: 100S/2*100S/1
  • Technics: Woven
  • Item No: W18003
  • Composition: W100%

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Item No W18003
Composition 100 wool
Weight 300GM
Width 57/58"
Feature antiwrinkle
Usage Suit/Uniform

We are pleased to inform you that the Purple Wool Fabric is composed of 100% pure wool and has a weight of 300GM. Our company only utilizes super fine wool for our Pure Wool Fabric selections, which exhibit superior colorfastness. This makes it perfect for use in creating elegant suits and uniforms.

About Fine Wool Fabric

Our wool suits are crafted using a variety of wool content percentages, ranging from 10% to 100%. Typically, the majority of our suits have a wool content between 90% and 100%, with higher percentages signifying a higher grade product. We pride ourselves on offering pure wool fabrics, with solid color fabrics containing 95% or more wool considered pure wool. For striped fabrics, a wool content of 93% or greater qualifies as Pure Wool Fabric.

purple fine 100% natural pure wool cashmere fabric

With English Selvedge

wool suit fabric W18501

Multiple colors ready goods

purple fine 100% natural pure wool cashmere fabric

High quality fabric for suit/uniform

Advantages of 100% Pure Wool Fabric

Firstly, the fabric exhibits a soft and delicate texture, giving a lightweight and refined appearance. The inherent natural elasticity further enhances the fabric's drape, providing a superior fit and feel to the end product.

Secondly, the Pure Wool Fabric is built to last, with stable shape and strong recovery properties that ensure it maintains its form even after extended use. The fabric is resistant to deformation, ensuring long-term durability and quality.

Thirdly, the fabric provides excellent thermal insulation and moisture absorption properties, making it ideal for all seasons. It can absorb water vapor, helping to maintain human comfort, and naturally regulate temperature and humidity.

Lastly, the fabric is spun with high twist yarns, giving it exceptional draping ability and wrinkle resistance. The result is a product that presents a refined, elegant look that is highly resistant to wrinkles.

In summary, 100% Pure Wool Fabric stands out as an optimal choice for those seeking fine quality, superior performance, and long-lasting durability.

wool suit fabric

Fine Wool Fabric tips

Wool suits also need proper maintenance in order to maintain the best condition. Do not wear the same wool suit every day, the best treatment is to wear it for two days, wool is an animal fiber, it will stretch itself, wear it for a day because of a variety of artificial actions will mess up the wool, we hang it for two days, it will automatically return, if worn every day, will accelerate its deformation. In addition, wool suits do not wash, must be dry-cleaned, wool suits are stereotyped by the stereotyping machine stereotyping processing, suits customized with a lot of wool lining and pad, easy to change after water absorption, especially washed clothes will wring dry water, so that it is easier to destroy the suit version.

If you are interested in Purple Wool Fabric and Pure Wool Fabric, we would like to offer a complimentary sample to you. Additionally, we have a wide range of wool blend fabrics readily available for your consideration. Please kindly let us know if you have any specific requirements or preferences, and we would be more than happy to assist you in your search for the best possible fabric solution. Thank you for considering our products.

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