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Shaoxing YunAi Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production and sales of various fabrics, including shirt fabrics, suit fabrics, functional fabrics, etc. We have our own production line and are able to customize fabrics according to customer demands and requirements, providing high-quality products and excellent services.Until now, YunAi Textile has successfully completed over 100 projects and offer a diverse selection of over 500 products for your consideration. Our sales have exceeded $5,000,000, and our products are exported to over 200 countries worldwide.

We take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality fabrics to our valued customers. Our selection includes suit fabrics, shirt fabrics, scrub fabrics, and functional fabrics designed to meet various needs. When it comes to suit fabrics, we offer an excellent selection of wool blends and polyester-rayon blends. TR (polyester-rayon) fabric is a blended fabric containing polyester fibers and rayon fibers, which can come in both stretch and non-stretch variations.There are two different types of elasticity available for polyester rayon spandex fabric, namely four-way stretch and warp stretch. And we have many designs for TR fabric for you to choose,not only solid colors,but also plaid design,stripe design and so on.


TR advantages:

TR fabric is commonly used to make men's suits and women's suits,also various types of uniforms because of its smooth, stiff, elegant, and wrinkle-resistant characteristics. It is often used in business and formal occasions.It has the following advantages:

High comfort: TR fabric is soft, smooth, and comfortable to wear with a very good feel.

Good durability: TR fabric has good wear resistance, is durable, and is not easily damaged.

Strong wrinkle resistance: TR fabric can maintain flatness well and is not easily wrinkled.

Rich colors: polyester rayon fabric has rich colors and good dyeing and printing effects. There are many different colors and patterns to choose from.

Wide applicability: rayon polyester fabric is suitable for various clothing, whether it is casual, business, or formal occasions.

Easy to care: It is relatively easy to care for and can usually be washed in a regular washing machine or hand washing machine with low temperature drying.

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YA8006 is a blockbuster product we launched and has quickly been loved and recognized by many customers.Our polyester rayon fabric, with a notable emphasis on the YA8006 quality, is strategically sold to a wide range of countries, including Russia, Africa, and other international markets. This global distribution speaks to the fabric's universal appeal and its ability to meet the diverse needs of customers across different regions.

Fabric Specifications:

Composition:The YA8006 fabric is a blend of 80% polyester and 20% rayon, commonly referred to as TR.This combination leverages the strengths of both materials, offering a balanced and versatile textile.

Width: The fabric boasts a substantial width of 57/58 inches, providing ample coverage and flexibility for various applications.

Weight: With a weight of 360g/m, the YA8006 fabric strikes a harmonious balance between sturdiness and comfort. This weight makes it suitable for a range of purposes, ensuring durability without compromising on wearability.

Weave Type: Serge Twill:The quality of YA8006 is further enhanced by its serge twill weave. This weaving technique adds a distinctive diagonal pattern to the fabric, contributing to its aesthetic appeal and providing a unique texture. Serge twill is known for its durability and resistance to wrinkles, making this 80% polyester 20% rayon fabric both stylish and practical.

woven 80 polyester 20 rayon blend fabric for suit uniform

In summary, YA8006's composition of 80% polyester and 20% rayon, combined with its generous width, weight, and serge twill weave, makes it a versatile and durable fabric suitable for various applications in the realm of textiles and fashion.

1.Color Fastness to Rubbing (ISO 105-X12:2016):Dry rubbing achieves an impressive Grade 4-5.Wet rubbing attains a commendable Grade 2-3.

2. Color Fastness to Washing (ISO 105-C06):Color change is maintained at a high Grade 4-5.Color staining to acetate, cotton, polyamide, polyester, acrylic, and wool all exhibitexcellent results, reaching Grade 4-5.

3. Pilling Resistance (ISO 12945-2:2020):Even after undergoing 7000 cycles, the fabric maintains a remarkable Grade 4-5 pilling resistance.

These test outcomes highlight the outstanding performance and durability of theYA8006 polyester rayon fabric, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

test report for polyester rayon fabric
test report for polyester rayon fabric
test report1
test report 2

Extensive Ready Colors:

We maintain an extensive inventory with over 100 ready-to-ship colors for the YA8006 polyester rayon fabric. This diverse color range ensures that customers have a broad spectrum of options to choose from, allowing them to find the perfect shade for their specific needs.


Customization of Colors:

In addition to our ready colors, we offer a customization service, allowing customers to tailor the fabric to their precise color preferences. Customers can provide Pantone color codes or send color swatches, enabling us to create a customized version of the YA8006 fabric that aligns perfectly with their aesthetic requirements.

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twill woven polyester rayon fabric
polyester rayon spandex scrub fabric
polyester rayon spandex scrub fabric
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Fabric production consists of three main steps: spinning, weaving and finishing. Dyeing is an important step in fabric production. After the dyeing process is completed, there is usually a final inspection and factory release stage. Dyed fabrics are quality checked to ensure uniform color, color fastness and no defects. Next, the appearance and feel are inspected to ensure that the fabric meets the design requirements and customer expectations.


We offer three highly-efficient transportation modes for our clients to choose from: shipping, air transportation, and railway transportation. Each of these methods has been carefully selected and optimized to ensure that our customers receive the most reliable and cost-effective solutions possible. Trust us to deliver your goods quickly and safely, no matter where they need to go.

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