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What kinds of school uniform fabrics are available?

School uniform generally has synthetic fabric, warp knitted fabric, cotton fabric three kinds:

Synthetic fabric is a popular fabric for several years, because of its unique style, color diversity, easy to wash and dry, easy to care and other advantages, widely used in school uniform custom industry, products have huayao, Tasron, cardan velvet, washing velvet, etc.

Warp knitted fabric is also widely used in the fabric, because the warp knitted fabric is elastic, comfortable and smooth, flexible, fit and other advantages, it is quite popular among students.Products are golden velvet, velveteen, polyester cover cotton and so on.

The cotton fabric has the advantages of soft feel, strong perspiration absorption and many varieties. It is suitable for sports school uniforms. The products are brocade cotton and polyester cotton, etc.

How to distinguish the quality of school uniform fabric?

The difference between different school uniforms material

 1. Feel: silk, viscose and nylon are soft to the touch.

 2. Weight: nylon, acrylic and polypropylene are lighter than silk.Heavier than silk is cotton, hemp, viscose, rich fiber.Similar in weight to silk are vinylon, wool, vinegar fiber and polyester.

 3. Strength: stretch by hand until it breaks. The weak strength is adhesive, vinegar fiber and wool.The stronger ones are silk, cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, etc.After wetting with water, the strength of the protein fiber, viscose, copper ammonia fiber decreased significantly.

 4. Elasticity: when stretched by hand, it feels less elastic wool and vinegar fiber.The larger ones are cotton and hemp.Moderate is silk, viscose, rich fiber and most synthetic fibers.


Through the sense of distinction between various school uniforms material

 Cotton: fine soft, small elasticity, sweat absorption, easy to wrinkle.

 Hemp: feel thick hard, often defects, easy to wrinkle.

 Silk: shiny, soft, bright color, warm in winter and cool in summer.

 Wool: elastic, soft gloss, warm feel, not wrinkle, but easy to pilling.

 Polyester: good elasticity, smooth, strong, stiff, cool.

 Nylon: not easy to break, elastic, smooth, light texture, not as soft as silk.

 Vinylon: similar to cotton, dark luster, as soft as cotton, resilience is not good, easy to wrinkle.

 Acrylic fiber: good heat retention, high strength, lighter than cotton, soft and fluffy.

 Viscose: softer than cotton, with a brighter surface, but less fastness.

 Identifying the fabric of clothes does not have to be identified by scientific machines. These skills passed down by our ancestors are also worth learning. It has become a common and practical method to identify work clothes by hand.

Post time: Aug-19-2021