Black 50 wool 50 polyester blended suitting fabric wholesale

Black 50 wool 50 polyester blended suitting fabric wholesale

Wool fabric is one of our strengths with good quality and price.We are factory direct wholesale,which have more than 10 years experience.

This composition of this one is 50 wool with 50 polyester.The English selvadge can be customized by yourself.We have some colors in ready good,so you can take one roll for try.

Product Details:

  • MOQ One roll one color
  • Weight 400GM
  • Width 57/58”
  • Spe 80S/2*80S/2
  • Technics Woven
  • Item No W18505
  • Composition W50 P50
  • Use For all kinds of suit

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Item No W18505
Composition 50 Wool 50 Polyester Blend
Weight 400GM
Width 57/58"
Feature Twill
Usage Suit,Uniform

This Black Wool Fabric is 50% Wool mix with 50% Polyester,this Wool Polyester Blend Fabric is our ready goods, and you can take small quantity for this item.Also there are not only Black Wool Fabric,but also grey,blue and so on for you to choose.

Twill is the way this Black Wool Fabric is made, the surface of the Wool Polyester Blend Fabric is full, easy to open and set in the printing process, that is to say, it will not shrink as we often say.Compared with plain weave fabric, twill weave fabric has higher density, greater yarn consumption and better wear resistance, mainly stronger than plain weave fabric, better shrinkage control and smaller shrinkage.Twill, divided into single twill and double twill.Warp and weft are interwoven less often than plain weave weave, so the gap between warp and weft is smaller and the yarns can be packed tightly, resulting in higher density, thicker texture, better luster, softer feel and better elasticity than plain weave weave.In the case of the same yarn density and thickness, its wear resistance and fastness is inferior to plain weave fabric.

50 wool 50 polyester blended suitting fabric wholesale
wool suit fabric
wool polyester blend suit fabric

Advantages of twill fabric:

1. Good moisture absorption, soft feel, hygienic and comfortable to wear;

2. Easy to keep warm and comfortable to wear;

3. Soft and close-fitting, good moisture absorption and air permeability;

tr suit fabric twill

If you are intersted in this Black Wool Fabric,there are free sample for you.We ara specialized in Wool Polyester Blend Fabric,if you want to learn more,you can contact us!

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