classic 50 wool polyester blend fabric for suit

classic 50 wool polyester blend fabric for suit

This Worsted Wool fabric is made from a top-quality blend of 50% wool, 47% polyester, and 3% Lycra. Blending is a textile process in which a variety of fibers are combined in a specific way.

It can be blended with a variety of fibers, a variety of pure fiber yarns, or both. Blending also achieves better wearability by learning from different textile fibers.

Wool/Polyester blended

Polyester abbreviation: PET

Product Details:

  • Item no W18503-2
  • Color no #9, #303, #6, #4, #8
  • MOQ One roll
  • Weight 320gm
  • Width 57/58”
  • Package Roll packing
  • Technics Woven
  • Comp 50%W, 47%T, 3%L

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Item No W18503-2
Composition 50%W, 47%T, 3%L
Weight 320gm
Width 57/58"
MOQ 1200m/per color
Usage Suit,Uniform

This Worsted Wool fabric is made from a top-quality blend of 50% wool, 47% polyester, and 3% Lycra. This combination provides a luxurious texture and allows our fabric to last for an extended duration. Our high-quality cashmere material is expertly sewn for added durability.

wool suit fabric W18501

Worsted wool is a highly favored material, renowned for its versatility in different applications. Here at our company, we have taken that versatility a step further by blending wool with polyester, creating a fabric that is not only light and breezy, but also resistant to wrinkles, firm in its structure, and highly resistant to wear and tear.Our wool-polyester blend fabric boasts easy washing and quick drying properties, ensuring that it is both convenient and fuss-free for everyday use. Additionally, its pleated durability and stable size offer confidence in its longevity and resilience, while its inherent moth-resistant properties eliminate any worries of unwanted insect damage

Our fabric can uphold the advantages of wool while leveraging the strengths of polyester since the proportion is often between 5 and 60.

Our fabric's main advantages include its high strength, wear resistance, good elasticity, and strong resistance to deformation. It is easy to wash, quick to dry, and doesn't require ironing.

Investing in our high-quality wool blend fabric ensures long-lasting durability, excellent resistance to wear and tear, and a luxurious feel. Choose our blend for a top-quality fabric that will serve you well for years to come.

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If you're on the lookout for top-quality worsted wool fabrics for your garments, look no further than our exceptional collection. We pride ourselves on providing only the finest fabrics to meet your needs. So don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time and let us deliver the premium materials you deserve. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

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1. Q: What is the minimum Order(MOQ)?

A: If some goods are ready,No Moq,if not ready.Moo:1000m/colour.

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