Heat Reactive Peach Skin Beach Wear Short Color Changing Fabric

Heat Reactive Peach Skin Beach Wear Short Color Changing Fabric


A Thermochromic(Heat-sensitive) fabric adjusts to how hot, cold or sweaty the wearer is to help them reach the perfect temperature.

When the yarn is hot, it collapses into a tight bundle, effectively opening gaps in the fabric to enable heat loss. The opposite effect occurs when the textile is cold: the fibres expand, reducing gaps to prevent heat escaping.

Our Thermochromic(Heat-sensitive) Fabric have various colors and activation temperatures. When the temperature rises over certain degree, the paint turns from one color to another or from color to colorless (translucent white). But the process is reversible- when it gets cold/hot, the fabric turns back to its original color.

  • Supply Type: Make-to-Order
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Model Number: YA1084
  • MOQ: 1500M
  • Packing: Roll Packing
  • Function: Water resistance
  • Weight: 120gsm
  • Width: 57/58"

product description:

Thermochromic material: use temperature difference to control the change of color.Basic color 15 colors, color range from -15 to 65oC can be set, color selection: from colorless to basic 15 colors;Or change from one color to another.

Peach velvet is a kind of imitation leather fabric developed after artificial suede. It is a kind of thin fabric composed of superfine fiber. It is a novel thin fleece fabric made of superfine fiber.

And because its velvet is shorter, the surface can hardly see the nap and the skin can perceive, and even feel and appearance more delicate and chic.Peach velvet luster soft and elegant, compared with artificial suede, give consumers a sense of novelty, suitable for people's curious consumer psychology, so that soon popular in the international market.Tencel is treated to give it a peachy feel.

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