Heat Sensitive 100 Polyester Chameleon Color Changing Fabric YAT830-1

Heat Sensitive 100 Polyester Chameleon Color Changing Fabric YAT830-1

“Chameleon” fabric is also known as temperature – changing fabric, temperature – showing fabric, thermal – sensitive fabric.It is to change color through temperature actually, for instance its indoor temperature is a color, outdoor temperature becomes another color again, it can change color rapidly along with the change of ambient temperature, make be colored object has the colour effect of dynamic change thereby.

The main components of chameleon fabric are color-changing pigments, fillers and binders.Its color-changing function mainly depends on color-changing pigments, and the color changes before and after heating of pigments are completely different, which is used as the basis to judge the authenticity of tickets.

  • Pattern: Solid
  • MOQ: 1500M
  • Width: 57/58"
  • Weight: 126gsm
  • Model Number: YAT830-1
  • Composition: 100% Polyester

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Thermochromic pigments are microcapsules that change color repeatedly as the temperature rises or falls.Reversible thermochromic pigments are prepared from electron transfer organic compounds.Electron transfer organic compounds are a kind of organic hair color system with special chemical structure.

At a specific temperature, the molecular structure of the organic matter changes due to electron transfer, so as to achieve color transformation.This color-changing substance not only has bright color, but also can realize the color change from "color === colorless" and "colorless === colorless" state, which is the heavy metal complex and liquid crystal reversible thermochromic substances do not have.Microencapsulated reversible thermochromic substances are called reversible thermochromic pigments.The pigment particles are spherical with an average diameter of 2 to 7 microns (one micron is one thousandth of a millimeter).Inside is the color-changing material, and outside is a transparent shell about 0.2 to 0.5 microns thick that neither dissolves nor melts, which protects the color-changing material from other chemicals.Therefore, it is very important to avoid damaging this shell in use.

Warm pigments are now available in a full range of colors, with 15 basic colors for warm pigment products.Mutual matching and color matching between thermochromic pigments: because reversible thermochromic pigments are colorless in the dark color state, it makes different colors/different color temperature/different series of color pigments can be matched and color matching, so as to obtain more colorful color changing effect.