Herringbone 30% wool blend fabric wholesale

Herringbone 30% wool blend fabric wholesale

Herringbone:This pattern is the texture effect produced by weaving variations.It has no obvious color like stripes, but the weaving effect of vertical stripes gives it a unique V-shaped pattern.This is more popular design and color choice, can have stretch feeling from visual effect not only, also appear more composed and grave than stripe fabrics.Business people are advised to choose this pattern with a solid color shirt and tie in a textured solid color or twill pattern.

–First-hand supply, self-produced and sold, exclusively for wholesale, large ready goods supply.

–Professional sale team, tracking service from order to receipt.

–Professional fabric composition analysis workshop, support customers to send us samples for customization.

–Professional factory and production equipment, the monthly production volume of fabric can reach 500,000 meters.

product Details:

  • MOQ One roll one color
  • Weight 280GM
  • Width 58/59”
  • Spe 100S/2*56S/1
  • Item No W19301
  • Composition W30 P69.5 AS0.5

product description:

Black will show mysterious, authoritative atmosphere, while emphasizing modern, capable aura sexy charm, extremely quiet atmosphere, showing elegant and dominant image when black with other colors, will bring a bright and strong mature image.

Gray shows calm, calm image, gray is suits versatile, can be matched with any color, show calm, capable, dignified image, so more used in business suits * silver gray represents rational and modern city color.

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