1.Can bamboo really be made into fiber?

Bamboo is rich in cellulose,especially bamboo species Cizhu,Longzhu and Huangzhu growing in Sichuan province China,which cellulose content can be as high as 46%-52%.Not all bamboo plants are suitable to be processed to make fiber,only the high cellulose species is economically suitable to make cellulose fiber.

2.Where is the origin of bamboo fiber?

Bamboo fiber is original in China.China has the only textile used bamboo pulp production base in the world.

3.How about bamboo resources in China?What are the advantages of bamboo plant in ecological view?

China has the most abundant bamboo rescources covering more than 7 million hectares.Every year per hectare bamboo forest can store 1000 tons water,absorb 20-40 tons carbon dioxide and release 15-20 tons oxygen.

Bambbo forest is called "the kidney of the earth".

Data shows that a hectare of bamboo can store 306 tons of carbon in 60 years,while Chinese fir can only store 178 tons carbon in the same period.Bamboo forest can release more than 35% oxygen than regular tree forest per hectare.China needs to import 90% wood pulp raw materials and 60% cotton pulp raw materials for ordinary viscose fiber producing.The material of bamboo fiber uses 100% our own bamboo resources and the bamboo pulp consumption has increasede by 3% every year.

4.What year was bamboo fiber born?Who is the bamboo fiber's inventor?

Bamboo fiber was born in 1998,a patented product originating in China.

The patent number is (ZL 00 1 35021.8 and ZL 03 1 28496.5).Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber is the bamboo fiber's inventor.

5.What are bamboo natural fiber,bamboo pulp fiber,and bamboo charcoal fiber?Which kind our bamboo fiber belongs to?

Bamboo natural fiber is a kind of natural fiber,which is directly extracted from bamboo by combining physical and chemical methods.The manufacturing process of bamboo fiber is simple,but it needs high technical requirements and can hardly be mass produced.In addition,bamboo natural fiber has poor comfort and spinnability,there is almost no bamboo natural fiber for textiles used in the market.

Bamboo pulp fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber.Bamboo plants are needed to be smashed to make pulp.Then the pulp will be dissolved into a viscose state by chemical method.Then making fiber by wet spining.Bamboo pulp fiber has lower cost, and good spinnability.Bamboo pulp fiber made clothing is comfortable,hygroscopic and breathable,with antibacterial and anti-mite features.So bamboo pulp fiber is favored by people.Tanboocel brand bamboo fiber refers to bamboo pulp fiber.

Bmboo charcoal fiber refers to the chemical fiber added with bamboo charcoal.Market has developed bamboo charcoal viscose fiber,bamboo charcoal polyester,bamboo charcoal nylon fiber etc.Bamboo charcoal viscose fiber has nanoscale bamboo charcoal powder added in the solution to spin fiber by wet spinning method.Bamboo charcoal polyester and bamboo charcoal polyamide fiber are made by adding bamboo charcoal masterbatch into the chips,to spin by melt spining method.

6.What are the advantages of bamboo fiber comparing with ordinary viscose fiber

The common viscose fiber mostly takes "wood"or"cotton"as raw materials.The growth period of tree is 20-30 years.When cutting wood,woods are usually been full cleared.Cotton needs to occupy cultivated land and use amounts of water,fertilizers,pesticides and labour force.Bamboo fiber is made of bamboo which is born in gully and mountains.Bamboo plants doesn't compete with grain for arable land and do not need fertilizing or watering.Bamboo reached its full growth in just 2-3 years.When cutting bamboo,intermediate cutting is adopted which makes bamboo forest grows sustainably.

7.Where are he bamboo forest source?If the bamboo forest is under bamboo fiber factory's management or it's in wild?

China has abundant bamboo resources with more than 7 million hectares.China is one of  the best bamboo fiber utilizers in the world.Bamboo mostly comes from wild plants,growing in remote mountain areas or in barren land which is not suitable for crops grow.

In recent years,with the increasing use of bamboo,Chinese government has strengthened the management of bamboo forest.Government contracts bamboo forest to farmers or farms to plant good bamboo,remove inferior bamboo resulted from disease or disaster.These measures have played a greater role in maintaining bamboo forest in good condition,and stabilizing bamboo ecosystem.

As the bamboo fiber's inventor and bamboo forest managerment standard drafter,our bamboo materials used in Tanboocel meets the"T/TZCYLM 1-2020 bamboo management"standard.


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