Product 3016, with a composition of 58% polyester and 42% cotton, stands out as a top seller. Widely chosen for its blend, it is a popular choice for crafting stylish and comfortable shirts. The polyester ensures durability and easy care, while the cotton brings breathability and comfort. Its versatile mix makes it a preferred option in the shirt-making category, contributing to its consistent popularity.This product is readily available as ready goods, and the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is conveniently set at one roll per color. This flexibility allows you to procure small quantities, making it an ideal option for testing the market. Whether you're exploring the product's suitability, conducting market research, or meeting specific demands for a limited quantity, the low MOQ ensures that you can easily access and evaluate this product without the constraints of large order commitments. Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to assess the product's performance and suitability for your needs.

This time the customer chose the quality of this polyester-cotton fabric. The color of this fabric has been customized. Let’s take a look at these new colors!

twill woven polyester cotton fabric
twill woven polyester cotton fabric
twill woven polyester cotton fabric
twill polyester cotton fabric
woven yarn dyed polyester cotton fabric

So what is the process of customizing colors?

1.Customers choose fabric sample quality: Customers can browse our fabric samples and choose the quality that meets their requirements. Of course, we can also customize it according to the customer's sample quality.

2.Provide Pantone shades: Customers tell them the Pantone shades they want, which helps us make samples, proofread colors, and ensure color consistency.

3.Provision of Color Sample ABC: Customers choose the sample from Color Sample ABC that is closest to the color they want.

4.Mass production: Once the customer determines the color sample selection, we start mass production to ensure that the color of the products produced is consistent with the color sample selected by the customer.

5.Final ship sample confirmation: After production is completed, the final ship sample is sent to the customer for confirmation of color and quality.

If you are also interested in this polyester cotton fabric and want to customize your own color, please contact us quickly.

Post time: Jan-19-2024