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Hot sale polyester rayon spandex fabric!

YA2124 is hot sale item in our company,our customers want to buy it,and all love it.

This item is polyetser rayon spandex fabric,the composition is 73% polyester ,25%Rayon and 2% spandex.The yarn count is 30*32+40D.And the weight is 180gsm.

And why it so popular?Now let's know more about this polyester rayon spandex fabric-YA2124.

polyester rayon spandex fabric

1.Twill fabric

Rayon twill fabric is soft and fluid, it has a little more weight and texture than a viscose challis and viscose poplin but it still drapes wonderfully.

Twill fabrics have very high durability and you can often find them in workwear such as hardy jackets, overalls, and work uniforms because of this. Plus, twill weave forms one of the most popular American fabrics of all time.

2. Spandex fabric

Better strech is also a characteristic of the polyester viscose blend fabric. Excellent strech makes the poly rayon suit fabric easy to return to its original shape after stretching or deformation without leaving wrinkles. Clothes made of poly rayon suit fabric are not easy to wrinkle. Clothes are non-ironing, and daily treatment and maintenance are relatively simple.      

3.Good color fastness

The polyester viscose blend fabric is dyed by the cylinder, so the fabric hand feeling very good and the color is evenly distributed.And we use reactive dyeing for this polyester rayon spandex the color fastness is very good.

polyester rayon spandex twill fabric
poly/viscose/spandex uniform cloth fabric
polyester rayon spandex fabric
polyester twill fabric
rayon and spandex

We already made many colours for our customers,and if you want to customize your own colour for this polyester rayon spandex fabric,that is ok,we can make according to your requirements. And if you want to learn more about this rayon twill fabric,you can contact us,and we can provide free sample for you.

polyester rayon spandex fabric wholesale

Post time: Aug-24-2022