polyester teffeta fabric


Plain weave polyester fabric

Warp and Weft: 68D/24FFDY full polyester semi-gloss plain weave.

Mainly include: 170T, 190T, 210T, 240T, 260T, 300T, 320T, 400T

T: the sum of warp and weft density in inches, such as 190T is the sum of warp and weft density is 190 (actually generally less than 190).

Uses: generally used as lining


Plain weave nylon fabric

70D or 40D nylon FDY for warp and weft,

Density: 190T-400T

Now there are many derivatives of Nisifang, all called Nisifang, including twill, satin, plaid, jacquard and so on.

Uses: Men's and women's clothing fabrics. Coated nylon is airtight, impervious to water, and has down resistance. It is used as a fabric for ski jackets, raincoats, sleeping bags, and mountaineering suits.

nylon taffeta fabric
polyester pongee fabric


Plain weave polyester fabric

At least one of the warp and weft is low elastic (network) yarn.The warp and weft are all elastic yarns called full-elastic pongee, and the radial filaments are called half-elastic pongee.

The original pongee is plain weave, now there are many derivatives, the specifications are very complete, and the density is from 170T to 400T There are semi-gloss, matte, twill, point, strip, flat grid, float grid, diamond grid, football grid, waffle grid, oblique grid, plum blossom grid.

Uses: "Half-stretch pongee" fabric has been used as lining accessories for suits, suits, jackets, children's wear, and professional wear; "full-stretch pongee" can be used to make down jackets, casual jackets, children's wear, etc., waterproof coating The fabric can also be used to make waterproof


Plain weave polyester, nylon fabric

Latitude and longitude at least 150D and above Polyester Oxford cloth: filament, elastic yarn, high elastic yarn Nylon Oxford cloth: filament, velvet Oxford cloth, nylon cotton Oxford cloth

Common are: 150D*150D, 200D*200D, 300D*300D, 150D*200D, 150D*300D, 200D*400D, 600D*600D, 300D*450D, 600D*300D, 300D*600D, 900D*600D, 900D*900D, 1200D* 1200D, 1680D, all kinds of jacquard

Uses: Mainly used to make bags

oxford fabric


Plain weave is generally nylon, but also polyester fabric

ATY is used for the weft direction, and the D number in the weft direction is at least twice the D number in the radial direction.

Conventional: nylon velvet, 70D nylon FDY*160D nylon ATY, density: 178T, 184T, 196T, 228T There are various plaid, twill, jacquard velvet

Uses: jackets, clothing fabrics, bags, etc.


Plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, polyester, nylon

Peach skin is a kind of thin sanded pile fabric woven from ultrafine synthetic fibers. The surface of the fabric is covered with a very short, fine and fine fluff. It has the functions of moisture absorption, breathability and waterproof, and has a silk-like appearance and style. The fabric is soft, shiny, and smooth to the touch.

Weft direction 150D/144F or 288F fine denier fiber  Warp direction: 75D/36F or 72F DTY network wire

Weft direction: 150D/144F or 288F DTY network wire

Because of the fine denier fibers, the peach skin has a delicate wool feeling after sanding

Uses: beach pants, clothing (jackets, dresses, etc.) fabrics, can also be used as bags, shoes and hats, furniture decoration


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