(INTERFABRIC, March 13-15, 2023) has come to a successful conclusion. The three-day exhibition has touched the heartstrings of too many people. Against the background of war and sanctions, the Russian exhibition reversed, created a miracle, and shocked too many people.

"INTERFABRIC" is the largest professional exhibition of fabric accessories and home textiles in Russia and Eastern Europe. Strong support from Export Center. Products cover all kinds of clothing fabrics, knitted fabrics, sports fabrics, medical fabrics, printed fabrics, waterproof and fireproof and other industrial fabrics; yarns, zippers, buttons, ribbons and other accessories; home textile fabrics, home textile products, furniture fabrics, decorative fabrics and other home textiles Supplies; textile industry auxiliary products such as dyes, raw materials, and chemical preparations.

We have participated in the exhibition for many years and have a large number of Russian customers. This exhibition in Moscow, many new and old customers came to our exhibition.Some customers even placed an order for us on the spot.

interfabric exhibition
interfabric exhibition
interfabric exhibition
interfabric exhibition

Our main products at this exhibition are:

Suit fabric:

- Polyviscose TR

- Wool, semi-wool

- Costume cage

Shirt fabric:

- Cotton TC

- Bamboo

- Polyviscose

polyester rayon fabric (2)
polyester rayon fabric (3)
polyester cotton fabric (2)

In this exhibition, we not only showed our products to customers, but also our services.Hope to see you in next exhibition!

Post time: Mar-17-2023