Different from the introverted and deep winter, the bright and gentle colors of spring, the unobtrusive and comfortable saturation, make people's heart beat as soon as they go up. Today, I will recommend five color systems suitable for early spring wear.

1.Spring Color——Green

The spring when all things recover is destined to belong to the green home field. The green in early spring is not as deep as autumn and winter, nor as gorgeous as summer. It is a light and unassuming subtlety. The low-saturated light grass green is like a new leaf, full of non-aggressive gentle healing.

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green polyester cotton fabric
green polyester cotton fabric

2.Spring Color——Pink

Pink combines passion and purity, although it is also a member of the red family. But pink is often light, soft, cheerful, sweet, girly and submissive, always associated with love and romance.

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pink polyester rayon fabric
pink polyester cotton fabric

3.Spring Color——Blue

Every spring and summer, blue will be very popular, combined with light fabrics, it will give people a very refreshing feeling, showing the fresh and detached temperament of women.Like the sky blue, it is very similar to the color of the sky in Spring, giving people a feeling of translucence, lightness and no oppressive feeling, and this color complements the atmosphere of spring, it looks tender and watery, and it is versatile and durable.

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4.Spring Color——Purple

In the post-epidemic era, the purple tone not only shows the mysterious atmosphere brought by the online world arising from the metaverse, but also brings vigorous vitality to the current situation restricted by the epidemic-the loyalty of blue and the vitality of red are integrated, full of vitality. The double meaning of firmness and vitality.

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5.Spring Color——Yellow

Bright yellow was once one of the 2021 colors of the year. Optimistic and positive bright colors, It will still shine in 2023. Bright yellow like a daffodil, It is also like the sun at eight or nine o'clock in spring, Dressed in bright yellow, there is a kind of gentleness like a spring breeze.

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Post time: Apr-21-2023