1.RPET fabric is a new type of recycled and environmentally friendly fabric. Its full name is Recycled PET Fabric (recycled polyester fabric). Its raw material is RPET yarn made from recycled PET bottles through quality inspection separation-slicing-drawing, cooling and collection. Commonly known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth.

REPT fabric

2.Organic cotton: Organic cotton is produced in agricultural production with organic fertilizers, biological control of pests and diseases, and natural farming management. Chemical products are not allowed. From seeds to agricultural products, it is all natural and pollution-free.

Organic cotton fabric

3.Colored cotton: Colored cotton is a new type of cotton in which cotton fibers have natural colors. Natural colored cotton is a new type of textile material cultivated by modern bioengineering technology, and the fiber has natural color when the cotton is opened. Compared with ordinary cotton, it is soft, breathable, elastic, and comfortable to wear, so it is also called A higher level of ecological cotton.

Colored cotton fabric

4.Bamboo fiber: The raw material of bamboo fiber yarn is bamboo, and the short-fiber yarn produced by bamboo pulp fiber is a green product. The knitted fabric and clothing made of cotton yarn made of this raw material are obviously different from those of cotton and wood. The unique style of cellulose fiber: abrasion resistance, no pilling, high moisture absorption and quick drying, high air permeability, excellent drapability, smooth and plump, silky soft, anti-mildew, moth-proof and anti-bacterial, cool and comfortable to wear, and beautiful The effect of skin care.

Eco-friendly 50% Polyester 50% bamboo fabric

5.Soybean fiber: Soybean protein fiber is a degradable regenerated plant protein fiber, which has many excellent properties of natural fiber and chemical fiber.

6.hemp fiber: hemp fiber is a fiber obtained from various hemp plants, including the bast fibers of the cortex of annual or perennial herbaceous dicotyledonous plants and the leaf fibers of monocotyledonous plants

hemp fiber fabric

7.Organic Wool: Organic wool is grown on farms free of chemicals and GMOs.

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