What is worsted wool?

Worsted wool is a type of wool that is made from combed, long-staple wool fibers. The fibers are first combed to remove shorter, finer fibers and any impurities, leaving mainly long, coarse fibers. These fibers are then spun in a specific way that creates a tightly twisted yarn. The yarn is then woven into a dense, durable fabric that has a smooth texture and a slight sheen. The result is a high-quality, wrinkle-resistant wool fabric that is often used for dress suits, blazers, and other tailored garments. Worsted wool is known for its strength, durability, and ability to hold its shape over time.

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Characteristics of worsted wool:

Here are some of the key characteristics of worsted wool:
1. Durability: Worsteds wool is exceptionally hard-wearing and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
2. Luster: Worsted wool has a lustrous appearance that makes it look sophisticated and elegant.
3. Smoothness: Due to the tightly twisted yarn, worsted wool has a smooth texture that is soft and comfortable to wear.
4. Wrinkle resistance: The tightly woven fabric resists wrinkles and creases, making it ideal for business attire and formal wear.
5. Breathability: Worsted wool is naturally breathable, which means that it can regulate body temperature, making it suitable for wear in a range of temperatures.
6. Versatility: Worsted wool can be used for a variety of garments and accessories, including jackets, suits, skirts, and dresses.
7. Easy-care: Although worsted wool is a high-quality fabric, it is also easy to care for and can be machine washed or dry cleaned.

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The difference between worsted wool and wool:

1. The ingredients are different

The ingredients of worsted wool include wool, cashmere, animal hair, and various types of fibers. It may be one or a mixture of two, or it may be made of one of them. The material of wool is simpler. Its main component is wool, and other raw materials are added due to its purity.

2. The feel is different

Worsted wool feels softer, but its elasticity may be average, and it feels very warm and comfortable. The feel of wool is stronger in terms of elasticity and softness. It can quickly return to its original shape if it is folded or pressed.

3. Different characteristics

Worsted wool is more wear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. It can be used as the fabric of some coats. It is elegant and crisp, and has good thermal insulation effect. Wool is generally used as a high-end raw material. It has stronger warmth retention and excellent hand feel, but its anti-wrinkle performance is not as strong as the former.

4. Different advantages and disadvantages

Worsted wool is elegant, hard-wearing, wrinkle-resistant and soft, while wool is stretchy, comfortable to the touch and warm.

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