Simple, light and luxurious commuter wear, which combines elegance and elegance, adds calmness and confidence to modern urban women.

According to the data, the middle class has become the main force in the middle and high-end consumer market.With the rapid growth of this type of consumer group, words such as "young, confident, independent and career" have given them brand-new labels. Therefore, the commuting style of urban luxury will continue to be popular, especially suits...

women suit fabric


Twill TR suit fabric is one of the most classic suit fabrics. The fabric is thick and full, comfortable to the touch, and has a twill texture effect on the surface. The mid-length suit jacket is a popular style this year, showing the simple, light and luxurious high-level humanistic consciousness of professional women. The neatly tailored casual trousers create an image of an independent, capable and full-fledged working woman. It has become one of the trend fabrics for women's clothing in autumn and winter of 23.

Twill TR suit fabric


Check design fabric is a favorite indispensable and timeless classic fabric in the wardrobe of women of different ages. As the check fabric is the main fabric for the autumn and winter of 23, it is more popular among urban working women. This season's main promotion is the blended yarn-dyed check pattern with different-colored yarns, which is very characteristic. Echoing the increasingly popular urban upsurge of light luxury, it is very worthy of attention.

check fabric


Streamer light luxury acetate fabric belongs to man-made fiber acetate, the fabric is bright in color, bright in appearance, smooth and comfortable to the touch, glossy, and its performance is close to silk. Compared with natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, acetate fabric has better moisture absorption, breathability and resilience. It is better, does not suffer from static electricity and hair balls, and is comfortable to the skin. In recent years, the application of acetate fabrics has been widely praised by the market and loved by consumers. The weight and thickness of this season's fabrics are thicker, crisp and not easy to wrinkle. By creating a suit style, it gives people a sense of luxury and luxury, showing the ultimate femininity of the new era.

Post time: Feb-27-2023