Polyviscose 4 way stretch women’s trouser fabric wholesale

Polyviscose 4 way stretch women’s trouser fabric wholesale

Polyester-viscose blending is a kind of highly complementary blending.Polyester viscose not only cotton, wool, and long.Wool fabric commonly known as “quick ba”.

When polyester is not less than 50%, this blend maintains the polyester’s strong, crease-resistant, dimensional stability, washable and wearable characteristics.The mixture of viscose fiber improves the permeability of the fabric and improves the resistance to melting holes.Reduce the pilling and antistatic phenomenon of the fabric.

This kind of blended fabric is characterized by smooth and smooth fabric, bright color, strong sense of wool shape, good handle elasticity, good moisture absorption;But the ironing resistance is poor.

  • Width: 57/58''
  • Weight: 300G/M
  • Technics: Woven
  • Item No: YA21-1819
  • Package: Roll packing / double folded
  • Composition: 75% Polyester, 19% Rayon, 6% Spandex

product description:

Elastane's stretchiness immediately made it desirable around the world, and the popularity of this fabric persists to this day. It is present in so many types of apparel that practically every consumer owns at least one article of clothing that contains spandex, and it's unlikely that this fabric's popularity will decrease in the near future.

This fabric has very brightful colors, made of polyester viscose, rayon and spandex, suitable for women's trousers and formal suits. Weight 300G/M makes it not so heavy but drape well. The addition of polyester makes it strong, and spandex gives it elasticity in every 4 directions. Polyviscose is slightly absorbant making it a comfortable fabric to wear while sweating, especially in summer. Very soft and cool handfeeling brings it smooth touch.

What's more? there is a lot of colors you can choose, not only the three color as the picture show above, you can check other colors below, inquire us if you are interested. By the way, the price is really beautiful for large quantity.

1819色卡 (1)
1819色卡 (4)
1819色卡 (2)
1819色卡 (6)
1819色卡 (3)
1819色卡 (5)