Ready goods anti-uv breathable plain bamboo polyester shirt fabric

Ready goods anti-uv breathable plain bamboo polyester shirt fabric

Bamboo fiber fabric can be used to make shirt fabric. It has four characteristics: natural anti-wrinkle, anti-uv, breathable and perspiration, environmental protection and health.

 After many shirt fabrics are made into ready-made garments, the most headache is the problem of anti-wrinkle, which needs to be ironed with an iron before wearing each time, greatly increasing the preparation time before going out. Bamboo fiber fabric has natural wrinkle resistance, and the garment made no matter how you wear it, will not produce wrinkles, so that your shirt will always stay clean and stylish.

In the summer of color, the ultraviolet intensity of sunlight is very large, and it is easy to burn people’s skin. General shirt fabrics need to add anti-ultraviolet additives in the late stage to form a temporary anti-ultraviolet effect. However, our bamboo fiber fabric is different, because the special elements in the bamboo fiber in the raw material can automatically resist ultraviolet light, and this function will always exist.

  • Item NO: 8129
  • Composition: 50%Bamboo 50%poly
  • Weight: 120gsm
  • Width: 57”/58”
  • Desnity: 160x92
  • Yarn Count: 50S
  • MOQ/MCQ: 100m/color
  • Features: Soft and breathable

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Ready goods anti-uv breathable plain bamboo polyester shirt fabric

The most important comfort of the shirt is moisture absorption and sweat drainage. The bamboo fiber fabric has a very strong moisture absorption and sweat drainage function, which can adsorb the sweat on the human skin on the fabric in the shortest time, and then evaporate into the air through the temperature to reduce the temperature of the human surface.

Bamboo fiber fabric is derived from bamboo, which is renewable and inexhaustible. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, can be rapidly degraded and is very protective of the environment.

Bamboo fiber fabric and the difference between cotton

1.Bamboo fiber absorbs water better than cotton, so clothes made of bamboo fiber have better air permeability than cotton.

2.Bamboo fiber is easier to clean than pure cotton and has strong oil resistance.

3.Bamboo has good antibacterial properties. Bamboo fiber also has better uv resistance than cotton.

4.Under the condition of temperature 36 ℃ Celsius and relative humidity 100%, the moisture absorption and moisture recovery rate of bamboo fiber is 45%, and the air permeability is 3.5 times stronger than that of cotton

Ready goods anti-uv breathable plain bamboo polyester shirt fabric

Advantages OF bamboo fiber fabric

Anti-wrinkle no-iron, Soft and comfortable, Breathable.
Warm in winter and cool in summer, Antibacterial antibacterial.
Uv radiation, Natural health, Environmental protection.

bamboo fiber fabric

Characteristics of bamboo fiber shirts

1.Soft and smooth, bamboo fiber clothing has fine unit fineness and soft feel; Good whiteness, bright color; Toughness and wear resistance, with unique resilience; Strong longitudinal and transverse strength, and stable and uniform, good drape; Soft and velvety.

2.Absorbing moisture, bamboo fiber cross section is full of large and small oval pores, can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water. The natural hollowness of the cross section makes bamboo fiber what experts in the industry call a "breathing" fiber. Its hygroscopicity, hygroscopicity and air permeability also rank first among the major textile fibers. Therefore, the clothes made of bamboo fiber are very comfortable to wear.

3.Bacteriostatic and antibacterial, bamboo fiber naturally has special outstanding bacteriostatic ability, the bacterioidal rate of bamboo fiber is 63-92.8% within 12 hours. Therefore, bamboo fiber clothing also has a good antibacterial effect.

4.Bamboo fiber is a green and environmentally friendly material extracted from the original bamboo. It has the natural characteristics of mite prevention, odor prevention, insect prevention and negative ion generation. Similarly, bamboo fiber clothing has the characteristics of mite prevention, odor prevention, insect prevention and negative ion generation. The uv blocking rate is 417 times that of cotton, and the blocking rate is close to 100%.

5.Green and environmentally friendly, bamboo fiber textile is made of biodegradable material, which can be completely degraded by microorganisms and sunlight in the soil. This decomposition process will not cause any environmental pollution.

6.Warm in winter and cool in summer, bamboo fiber textile used in summer and autumn makes people feel especially cool and breathable; The use of winter and spring season is fluffy and comfortable and can eliminate excess heat and moisture in the body, not fire, not dryness.

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