Red Twill 70 Polyester 27 Rayon 3 Spandex Blend Suit Fabric

Red Twill 70 Polyester 27 Rayon 3 Spandex Blend Suit Fabric

 Crafted to perfection, this fabric emerges as the epitome of versatility, catering to the creation of impeccably tailored suits and trousers alike. Its composition, a seamless amalgamation of 70% polyester, 27% viscose, and 3% spandex, lends it a unique character. Weighing at 300 grams per square meter, it strikes the perfect balance between durability and wearability. Beyond its practicality, this fabric boasts an innate charm, effortlessly exuding a timeless elegance that sets it apart in the realm of suit fabrics. Not only does it offer elasticity for a comfortable and flattering fit, but it also carries an air of sophistication, making it a preferred choice for those seeking to make a statement with their attire. Truly, it stands as a testament to the intersection of style and functionality, embodying the essence of sartorial excellence.

  • Item No: YA5006
  • Composition: TRSP 70/27/3
  • Weight: 300GM
  • Width: 57“/58”
  • Weave: Twill
  • MOQ: one roll per color
  • Usage: Suit,Uniform

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Item No YA5006
Composition 70%Polyester 27%Rayon 3%Spandex
Weight 300gm
Width 148cm
MOQ one roll/per color
Usage Suit,Uniform

This polyester rayon spandex fabric is an ideal choice for creating both suits and trousers. It is a harmonious blend of 70% polyester, 27% rayon, and 3% spandex, with a weight of 300G/M. This fabric not only offers elasticity for a comfortable fit but also exudes a classic charm, making it a true standout in the world of suit fabrics.

The incorporation of polyester brings forth durability and wrinkle resistance, guaranteeing that your suit and trousers maintain their pristine appearance throughout the day. With the inclusion of viscose, a gentle and velvety texture is introduced, akin to a soothing touch against your skin, amplifying the overall comfort quotient.

Furthermore, the 3% spandex content facilitates effortless mobility, as if the fabric were tailored to synchronize with your every movement. This inherent elasticity provides a heightened level of adaptability, ensuring an impeccable fit and an augmented sense of ease. Moreover, irrespective of your range of motion, the fabric's shape-retaining attributes uphold its refined and polished look.

polyester rayon spandex blend fabric suit fabric
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polyester rayon spandex fabric
polyester rayon spandex blend fabric

This polyester rayon spandex fabric epitomizes durability, comfort, and a subtle hint of stretch, harmonizing these qualities into a seamless blend. It strikes a perfect equilibrium between timeless sophistication and modern charm, rendering it a favored selection for individuals in pursuit of a fabric that not only exudes magnificence in suits and trousers but also endures through the years. Whether it's a day at the office, a special event, or the ordinary rhythms of daily life, this fabric stands as a steadfast and enduring choice. Its enduring quality ensures reliability in various settings, while its timeless elegance ensures a stylish presence that transcends fleeting trends. With this fabric, you not only clothe yourself in comfort and style but also invest in a piece that remains a steadfast companion through the passage of time, embodying the essence of enduring quality and enduring appeal.

Given the widespread popularity of Polyester Rayon Spandex Fabric across diverse regions, it has become a favored choice for crafting suits, uniforms, and other garments. With over a decade of specialization in Polyester Rayon Spandex Fabric, we offer unparalleled expertise and quality. If you are intrigued by our offerings, we invite you to reach out to us and explore the possibilities further. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our products and services.

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