Temperature Color Change Treatment 100% Polyester Thermochromic Fabric YAT830

Temperature Color Change Treatment 100% Polyester Thermochromic Fabric YAT830

In daily life, our fabrics are used repeatedly, so the color-changing agent used in thermal printing technology is reversible.In other words, the color that appears when the temperature changes to the discoloration temperature will disappear when the temperature decreases.However, when the temperature is returned to the discoloration temperature, the same color will appear again.

  • Item : YAT830
  • Content : 100%Polyester
  • Width : 57”58”
  • Weight : 126GSM
  • MOQ: 1200m/color
  • Attention: If less this need small cylingder charge

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This item is special printing fabric.

The basic fabric is peach skin fabric ,and the outside we make the heat sensitive treatment.

What is heat sensitive treatment printing?

A Thermochromic(Heat-sensitive) fabric adjusts to how hot, cold or sweaty the wearer is to help them reach the perfect temperature.

When the yarn is hot, it collapses into a tight bundle, effectively opening gaps in the fabric to enable heat loss. The opposite effect occurs when the textile is cold: the fibres expand, reducing gaps to prevent heat escaping.

Our Thermochromic(Heat-sensitive) Fabric have various colors and activation temperatures. When the temperature rises over certain degree, the paint turns from one color to another or from color to colorless (translucent white). But the process is reversible- when it gets cold/hot, the fabric turns back to its original color.

So after this printing fabric will get the “magic power”,its can change the color when you touch this or under the sunlight because of the temperature rise.So it will be a nice choice make the sports garment. Let’s imagine that when you are running your T-shirts become white .When your exercise is over,you come back home ,your T-shirts become original black.Amazing!!Special T-shirts have two kinds of personality.