Temperature Color Change Treatment 100% Polyester Thermochromic Fabric YAT830

Temperature Color Change Treatment 100% Polyester Thermochromic Fabric YAT830

In daily life, our fabrics are used repeatedly, so the color-changing agent used in thermal printing technology is reversible.In other words, the color that appears when the temperature changes to the discoloration temperature will disappear when the temperature decreases.However, when the temperature is returned to the discoloration temperature, the same color will appear again.

  • Item : YAT830
  • Content : 100%Polyester
  • Width : 57”58”
  • Weight : 126GSM
  • MOQ: 1200m/color
  • Attention: If less this need small cylingder charge

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COMPOSITION  100 polyester
WIDTH 57"/58"
USAGE jacket
MOQ 1200m/color
PORT ningbo/shanghai
PRICE contact us

We are pleased to introduce our special printing fabric to you. This item is crafted using peach skin fabric as its base and heat sensitive treatment on the outer layer. The heat sensitive treatment is a unique technology that adjusts to the wearer's body temperature, keeping them comfortable no matter the weather or humidity.

Our Thermochromic (Heat-sensitive) Fabric is made possible by using yarn that collapses into tight bundles when hot, creating gaps in the fabric for heat loss. On the other hand, when the textile is cold, the fibers expand reducing gaps to prevent heat loss. The material has various colors, and activation temperatures such that when the temperature rises over a certain degree, the paint changes color, either from one color to another or from color to colorless (translucent white). The process is reversible, meaning that when it gets hot or cold, the fabric turns back to its original color.

Temperature Color Change Treatment 100% Polyester Thermochromic Fabric
Temperature Color Change Treatment 100% Polyester Thermochromic Fabric
Temperature Color Change Treatment 100% Polyester Thermochromic Fabric

With the "magic power" of changing color once touched or exposed to sunlight because of the rise in temperature, this printed fabric is a perfect choice for sports garments. Imagine that while running, your T-shirt changes from its original black color to white. After the exercise, your T-shirt automatically changes back to its black color. This amazing feature of the special T-shirt offers two distinct personalities in one garment.

We specialize in producing highly-functional fabrics that are ideal for sports and outdoor apparel. Our fabrics boast exceptional performance in a wide range of activities, allowing for maximal comfort and protection for the wearer. We take great pride in utilizing premium materials and employing the latest technology to ensure our fabrics deliver outstanding results. Whether it's for professional or recreational purposes, we are committed to providing top-notch solutions that meet your every requirement. Trust us for all your functional fabric needs.

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