Three layer membrane laminated waterproof outdoor wear fabric

Three layer membrane laminated waterproof outdoor wear fabric

Approching the Autumn,jackets will be used widely

Today we want to introduce our hotsale item YA6009. YA6009 fabric usually used for making Jackets ,ski pants etc.

Lets go for more point about this item.

  • Fabric Brand: Yunai Textile
  • Item No: YA6009
  • Weight: 315gsm
  • Width : 57”58”
  • Content: 92%P+8%SP+TPU+100%P
  • Feature: Waterproof, bonded
  • Port: Ningbo, Shanghai, Yiwu
  • Package: Roll packing / Double folded

product description:

It is 3 layer fabric ,we use Bonding machine laminated the 3 layers.

Outer layer

92%P+8%SP, 125GSM

It is woven 4 way stretch fabric,this is also a complete fabric.

So some customer use this for boardshort,Spring/Summer pants.

The fabric face we make water resistant treatment.we also call it water repellent or DWR.

This function make the fabric face like the lotus leaves,then when the water drop on the fabric,the water will roll down.

This Function we have different brand treatment.Such  3M ,  TEFLON  ,  Nano etc. We can do according to customer requirement.

Middle layer

TPU waterproof membrane

It make the fabric waterproof,normal waterproofness is 3000mm-8000mm, we can do 3000mm-20000mm

Breathable the basic is 500-1000gsm/24hours, we can do 500-10000gsm/24hours

And we also have TPE and PTFE membrane

TPE eco friendly, PTFE best quality,similar to the GORE-TEX.

Back layer

100% Polyester polar fleece fabric.

It is normal be used for making blackets,hoodies,it can keep warm. We laminated the 3 layer ,then we get the YA6009.

It is water repellent,waterproof and breathable,the backside keep the polar fleece warm touch,it will make your body feel warm in the winter.

Ok,all the highlights of our functional introduction today are above.This is Kevin Yang,thanks for your time.