wool polyester blended fabric manufacturer wholesale

wool polyester blended fabric manufacturer wholesale

Wool blending is cashmere and other polyester, spandex, rabbit hair and other fibers mixed textile fabrics, wool blending has wool soft, comfortable, light, and other fibers are not easy to fade, good toughness.Wool blending is a kind of fabric blended with wool and other fibers. The textile containing wool has the excellent elasticity, plump hand feeling and warmth performance of wool.Although wool has many advantages, its fragile wearability (easy felting, pilling, heat resistance, etc.) and high price have been restricting the utilization rate of wool in the textile field.However, with the development of technology, wool blending emerged.Cashmere blended fabric has bright spot on the surface under the sun and lacks the softness of pure wool fabric.Wool blended fabric has a stiff stiff feeling, and with the increase of polyester content and obviously prominent.Wool blended fabrics have a dull luster.Generally speaking, worsted wool blended fabrics feel weak, rough feel is loose.In addition, its elasticity and crisp feeling is not as good as pure wool and wool-polyester blended fabrics.

product Details:

  • Weight 400GM
  • Width 57/58”
  • Spe 80S/2*80S/2
  • Technics Woven
  • Item No W18505
  • Composition W50 P50

product description:

Wool and polyester blended fabric has a strong three-dimensional sense, good softness, better elasticity than pure wool fabric, thick fabric, good cold insulation, loosen the grip of the fabric, almost no creases, the weakness is that the softness is lower than pure wool.

Wool and viscose blends have a light sheen.Spinning machine feel is weak, rough spinning feel is loose, the elasticity and elongation of this material is not as good as pure wool and wool washing, wool and fine blended materials, if the viscose content is high, the fabric is easy to wrinkle.

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