yarn dyed cashmere suit fabric blue 50% wool 50% polyester fabric

yarn dyed cashmere suit fabric blue 50% wool 50% polyester fabric

Wool is the most popular suit fabric and one of the most versatile. It can be worn both in colder and warmer climates. It can be silky smooth, soft or wiry. It can be plain or patterned. In general, wool is ideal for business jackets and trousers because it feels nice to the skin and wears well. High quality wool fabrics are known for:

  1. Warmth — air pockets in wool threads trap heat and make you feel warm and cozy.
  2. Durability — wool fibers are strong and resilient, so wool fabrics wear out slowly.
  3. Lustre — wool fabrics have a natural lustre, especially worsted wool cloths.
  4. Drape — wool cloth drapes well and tends to remember the shape of the body it is worn on.

  • Port: Ningbo or shanghai
  • Price: Factory direct price
  • Item No: A38469
  • Weight: 270G/M
  • Composition: 50%W50%P
  • Handfeeling : Comfortable
  • Thickness: Medium Weight
  • Packing: Roll Packing
  • Width: 57/58"
  • MOQ: 1000m

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Item No A38468
Composition 50 wool 50 polyester blend
Weight 270GM
Width 57/58"
Feature antiwrinkle
Usage Suit/Uniform

Polyester wool fabric is our strong item,and this blue wool fabric is one of our popular products.It is 50% wool mix with 50%polyester,the weight is 270GM.This polyester wool fabric is suitable for suit,trousers,uniforms and so on.

And there are multiple color for you to choose for this wool polyester blend suiting fabric,and we can accept color customized.

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Fabric is an important element to determine the grade of a suit. According to traditional standards, the higher the wool content of a suit fabric, the higher the grade, but not a pure wool suit is good, because pure wool fabric is heavy, easy to pilling, not resistant to wear, and a little careless is also easy to mold and be eaten by worms.The fabric composition is usually indicated on the washing mark of a suit.The following are some common suit fabrics on the market and the identification method of high-grade suit:

As the name implies, wool worsted fabric is a kind of fine fabric, such a name always reminds people of the fine textile, due to the fine spinning and fine process, wool worsted fabric has a soft touch, high durability characteristics.

In addition to the selection of high-quality wool, the textile process of worsted fabrics is also very high requirements -- before spinning, first of all, the short and loose fibers of wool should be removed, and the longer fibers left can be used for spinning, which is also the reason why worsted fabrics are soft and durable.

Wool and polyester mixed fabric: the surface of the sun shine, lack of pure wool fabric soft soft feeling.Wool-polyester (polyester-polyester) fabric is crisp but stiff, and with the increase of polyester content and obviously prominent.The elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but feel is not as good as pure wool and wool and fine mixed fabric.Hold the cloth tightly and then release, almost no crease.Belong to the more common medium - grade suit fabric.

If you are interested in our polyester wool fabric,you can contact us for more information!

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