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What’s the fabric treatment?

Fabric treatments are processes that make fabric softer, or water resistant, or soil realse,or quick dry and more after they are woven. Fabric treatments get applied when the textile itself cannot add other properties.Treatments include, scrim, foam lamination, fabric protector or stain repellent, anti microbial and flame retardant.

Different purposes of fabric treatment require different materials and chemical processes.In addition to the materials and chemical processes known as treatments,there are treatment devices that work with them.

The basic idea of fabric treatment is that making the fabric both softened and anti-static, which maintains clothes in a better condition.To achieve the corresponding effect for different requirements.

water resistant fabric

Let me show you one of our fabrics with treatment.This is polyester viscose elastane fabric is water resistant,soil realse and oil release,which we custom made for McDonalds.And we cooperate with 3M company.After fabric treatment,our this soil release fabric can reach 3-4 grades in color fastness in washing. 3-4 grades in dry grinding, 2-3 grades in wet grinding.

Soli release workwear uniform pants fabric
Soli release workwear uniform pants fabric
Soli release workwear uniform pants fabric

If you are interested in this polyester viscose elastane fabric,we can provide free sample of this soil release fabric for you.Or if you want to learn more about fabric treatment,we support a lot of function customized, such as antistatic, soil release, oil rub resistance, water resistance, anti-UV…etc.

Post time: Aug-31-2022