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The union says, American Airlines’ new flight attendant uniforms cause hives.

As we all know, air travel was a more fascinating experience in its heyday-even in the current era of low-cost airlines and economic seats, top designers still often raise their hands to design the latest flight attendant uniforms. Therefore, when American Airlines introduced new uniforms for its 70,000 employees on September 10 (this was the first update in about 25 years), employees looked forward to wearing a more modern look. The enthusiasm did not last long: Since its launch, more than 1,600 workers have reportedly become ill due to their reaction to these clothes, with symptoms such as itching, rash, hives, headaches and eye irritation.
According to a memo issued by the Professional Flight Attendants Association (APFA), these reactions “are triggered by direct and indirect contact with the uniforms”, which annoyed some staff members who were initially “very satisfied with the appearance” of the uniforms. Prepare to get rid of “old depression.” The union called for a full recall of the new design because workers attributed the reaction to possible wool allergy; US spokesperson Ron DeFeo told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that at the same time, 200 employees have been allowed to wear old uniforms , And ordered 600 non-wool uniforms. USA Today wrote in September that although the old uniforms were made of synthetic materials, because researchers conducted extensive tests on the fabrics before production began, the new production line’s The production time is up to three years.
As of now, there is no news about when or whether the uniform will be officially recalled, but the airline has confirmed that it will continue to work with APFA to test fabrics. “We want everyone to feel good in uniform,” DeFeo said. After all, imagine dealing with a severe wool allergy on a long-haul flight.

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Post time: Jul-01-2021