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What are the top hotel overalls trends in 2021?

Since most of the hotel industry is in a state of complete lockdown and cannot conduct transactions for most of 2020, it can be said that this year has been written off in terms of unified trends. Throughout 2021, this story has not changed. However, as some reception areas will reopen in April, the company is preparing to update their clothes.
When the hotel industry reopens, every bar and restaurant will do everything possible to win back their customers. Every company will work hard to eliminate the clamor of competitors, so one way for companies to give themselves advantages is through personalized employee uniforms.
By adding company colors, logos or employee names to clothing, companies can use their clothing space as another place to promote the brand. Letting customers see the brand above the door, on the menu, and on the employee uniform helps them remember it better and connect their positive experience to a specific place.
Although working clothes may not be anyone’s first choice when looking for the latest trends, this does not mean that fashion has nothing to do with uniform design. One of the biggest trends in 2021 is the Chinese collar, which can be found on everything from waiter outerwear and housekeeper jackets to housekeeping outerwear and front house shirts.
The Chinese collar style is a good investment for uniforms because it will never really go out of style. With its clean lines and modern minimalist style, from formal wear to bar staff uniforms, Chinese collars look great in any environment.
For reasons similar to personalization, individual items on uniforms will return in 2021. Because places are eager for people to notice them, many people want to add fun and vitality to their uniforms.
Elements such as striped vests and imitation gold buttons appear on more formal occasions. Similarly, bright shirts and plaid patterns are making a comeback for those who work in the front desk.
Climate change has been a hot topic in the past few years, and many companies are quickly paying attention to customer concerns. Companies in the hotel industry are turning to more sustainable clothing to keep up with national sentiments.
YunAi fabric seems to be the fabric to watch in 2021, because everything from shirts to pants and jackets is made of it. YunAi is a new, sustainable material made partly of eucalyptus. Its production has little impact on the environment and is completely biodegradable because it is 100% made of natural fibers.
Employee uniforms are an often forgotten way to convey bold and targeted brand messages to customers. By updating work clothes every year, the company can let customers know that products and services are up-to-date, fresh and innovative.
If you like new hotel uniforms, British companies should look at Alexandra. They are the number one manufacturer of work clothes in the UK, providing a series of uniforms for the industry, including chef uniforms, catering aprons and striped vests. As the hotel industry prepares to reopen, the branded real estate of colleagues’ uniforms cannot be ignored.

Post time: Jun-04-2021