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What kinds of color-changing fabric are there?How does that work?

With the improvement of consumers' pursuit of the beauty of clothing, the demand for clothing color is also changing from practical to novel

Shift.Color changing fiber material with the help of modern high and new technology, so that the color or pattern of textiles with light, temperature,

Humidity changes from the conventional "static" into a looming "dynamic" effect, in the textile field

To the rapid development and wide application.

Color changing material types and color changing mechanism *

(1) photosensitive material

Photosensitive discoloration material is a kind of discoloration can occur under the irradiation of ultraviolet or visible light, and can disappear after the light

Invert to original color functional dye.Photosensitive discoloration materials are mainly silver chloride, silver bromide, stilbene

Class, spiral ring class, nornadiene class, capture refined anhydride class, triphenylmethane derivatives, salicylic acid aniline class

Content, etc.At present, photosensitive color changing materials have been developed to have 4 basic colors: purple, yellow, blue, red.The four

The initial structure of all kinds of photovarying materials is closed loop type, that is, no color is printed on the fabric, and only changes under ultraviolet radiation

Purple, yellow, blue, red.


(2) thermal sensitive material

The reason why thermosensitive color changing materials can change color is because the color can cause the change of internal structure, resulting in the change of color, when the temperature is reduced, the color is restored.Compared with photosensitive dyes, the research on thermal dyes at home and abroad is much more, especially in the application of textile printing, has achieved certain results, a series of thermal printing products have been published.

Post time: Oct-13-2021