Breathable polyester recycled spandex knit fabric YA1001-S

Breathable polyester recycled spandex knit fabric YA1001-S

Anti Static Effect High Water Absorbency

What we say breathable is point at the breathable for the laminated membrane fabric.The fabric is waterproof and breathable widely use in outdoor area.

Breathability is the degree to which a fabric permits air and moisture to pass through it. Heat and moisture can accumulate in the microenvironment inside the intimate apparel of poor breathable fabric. The evaporative properties of the materials influence the level of heat and favourable moisture transfer can lessen the thermal sensation of wetness. Studies have shown that perception of discomfort ratings is significantly associated with increases in skin temperature and sweat rates. whereas subjective perception of comfort in clothing is related to thermal comfort. Wearing intimate apparel made from poor-heat-transfer material causes discomfort, with an increase in the subjective sensation of warmth and sweating which might induce a deterioration in the wearer’s performance . So breathability better means the membrane quality better.

  • Model Number: YA1001-S
  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Width: 63"
  • Weight: 150gsm
  • Style: Herringbone
  • Thickness: Lightweight
  • MOQ: 500kgs/color
  • Packing: Roll Packing

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Stretch fabric simplifies sewing, as it is a figure-flattering material. Lycra (elastane or spandex) increases the wear resistance of the product, at the same time it doesnt neutralize the advantages of other materials. For example, stretch cotton cloth preserves all the positive properties of cotton fabric: breathability, water-absorbing function, hypoallergenicity. Stretch fabrics are perfect for women clothes, sportswear, stage outfits, underwear and home textiles.